Spectral Masters
Digital Imaging, Inc.
2407 Third Avenue
Suite 2R
Bronx, New York 10451-6301

Telephone: +1 (718) 401-9200
Fax: +1 (718) 708-5536
Email: info-at-spectralmastersdi.com
Web Site: www.spectralmastersdi.com

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Directions via Subway
Take the 138th/3rd Ave stop on the 6 Train. Coming up from Manhattan, it's the first stop in the Bronx. Get in one of the last cars on the train and you will be near the stairway that lets out on 138th & 3rd. If you take a left through the turnstile and right to the exit stairs, when you look across the intersection you'll see the "Kanela Restaurant." As you cross the intersection look to your left and you will see the overpass of the Major Deegen Expressway, Route 87, about three short blocks away. If you are going in the correct direction you'll pass the Donut Depot on your right and across the street, on your left, will be a Chase Bank.

Walk under the Deegen (that's 135th St.). You're on 3rd Avenue. On your left is the Third Ave Bridge and your right is Bridge Building Supplies. Don't go on the bridge. You're two short blocks away. Walk past the Bridge Building Supplies Building, which fills the first block, and then past a large eight story tan and rose concrete building, which fills the final block. Just past the yellow and white colored building on the right you'll see a loading dock with a large, single chain link fence sliding gate. Past this single gate will be a black iron rail fence and on it will be a yellow sign stating "2407-2413 3rd Ave." Walk through the driveway gate to the left of the sign into a large yard and you will see a building set back about 25 meters with a red wall. On the side of the building is a large bill board that covers the entire side of the building, with a smaller bill board above it, on the roof. Walk past the red wall, around to the side of the building and you'll see an entrance way. Ring #17, Spectral Masters.

If you don't get lost and don't stop at the Donut Depot, it's about six minutes to walk from the train station to our door.

You can also take the 4 or 5 train to 138th/Grand Concourse. Walk under the Metro North RR overpass on 138th St, about three blocks to Third Avenue. You should see Kanela's. Then follow the directions above. Call to arrange for a time to stop by.

Parking is available in our lot!
Directions via Car:
From Lower Manhattan take the FDR North to the Willis Avenue Bridge. Upon crossing the bridge stay to the far left. At the first light at the end of the bridge, 135th St, make a hard left onto 135th. Be careful not to go onto the Deegan Expressway (87) via the entrance ramp which is immediately to the left as you turn onto 135th. Get to the right as you drive about one third of a mile on 135th, which runs parallel with the Deegan. Most traffic to your left will be turning left onto the Third Avenue Bridge. You will also turn left at the underpass to the bridge, but you will make your turn at the far end of the underpass, which does not go on the bridge, but to Third Avenue, which runs to the right and parallel to the bridge. As you make your left to pass through the underpass you will see on your right, just past the traffic light, Bridge Building Supply. You're two block away. On your left will be the Third Avenue Bridge. Go past the first side street, 134th, past a large eight story building, past the building's loading dock, located just off the street, behind a large sliding chain link fence gate. Just beyond the sliding chain link fence gate will be a black iron rail fence with a small door and driveway entrance. On the rail fence is a sign on it reading "2407-13 Third Ave." To the left will be a double black rail gate leading to a large yard. A building set back about 20 meters with red painted walls should be visible. Drive through the double gate and park on the right in the space marked Spectral Masters. It's the space closest to the building. Walk past the red wall and around the side of the building where you will see an entrance to the building. Ring #17, Spectral Masters.