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PREMIUM Gallery Plexi Picture Mounts:
Gallery Plexi picture mounting, also know as face mounting, is a premium method of finishing your images. The images are sandwiched between an acrylic FACE and a rear SUBSTRATE, and held on the wall with an included HANGING SYSTEM. When attached to a wall the images appear to "float." This sleek, modern technique is finding favor among top collectors, museums and galleries. The November 2011 $4M+ sale, to an unidentified collector, of one of six Gursky Rhein II face mounted photographs, highest ever for a photo, is a testament to the value of the Gallery Plexi method. And now your images can have the same million-dollar treatment enjoyed by other Rhein II owners, including the MoMA and Tate/London.

We start by organizing your digital files for output through our high end Epson printers to create the prints to be mounted. We pressure bond the prints directly onto sheets of standard or non-glare acrylic using a special, optically clear acrylic adhesive. Then the mounted prints are pressure bonded via an acrylic adhesive to your choice of substrates: acrylic, aluminum, PVC, sometimes know by its trade name Sintra, or an aluminum/PVC/aluminum composite known in the trade as DiBond. Finally, a mechanical hanging system is bonded to the substrate using a polymerizing cyanoacrylate adhesive. Three different systems are available: an acrylic cleat, PVC cleat or a natural poplar wooden cleat that can also be ordered with an optional D-Ring Mounting Kit. Instead of a bonded hanging system, you can order standoff pass-throughs drilled into the corners, which can be used with a variety of commercially available standoff mounting systems.

All our premium Gallery Plexi mounts are constructed from carefully selected and tested high quality materials, to guarantee a long lasting, high performing mount. The included prints are processed by a sophisicated raster image processor before being output via Epson Professional Stylus printers, using pigmented inks and premium papers to enhance image vibrancy and permanence. Our simplified, all inclusive pricing table offers the buyer an unusually wide selection of high end mounting options and selections at very competitive price points. For each GALLERY PLEXI Mount you need to select one FACE, SUBSTRATE and HANGING SYSTEM option from the following choices:

FACES: Either 1/8th or ¼ inch thick clear acrylic. Or you can select a non-glare acrylic face, but only in 1/8th inch thickness.

SUBSTRATES: You may choose from clear acrylic or PVC substrates in either 1/8th or ¼ inch thickness, or you can select a 3mm thick white DiBond substrate, or you may select .063 inch thick aluminum for the substrate. PVC substrates can be ordered in either black or white.

HANGING SYSTEM:  The included cleat hanging system "floats" your mounted print off the wall approximately ½ inch. You may choose from a clear acrylic cleat, a black PVC or white PVC cleat, or a natural poplar wooden cleat. The D-Ring option for the natural poplar wooden cleat allows wall mounting using a traditional wire and picture frame hanger.

OPTIONAL HANGING SYSTEM: Instead of a cleat, you may order holes drilled into the four corners of the mount to allow for "standoff" mounting. Standoff mounting hardware is available at an additional charge.

To order please call us at +1 (718) 401-9200, where a knowledgeable professional will answer your questions, explain your options and take your order. You may mix sizes and finishing options to meet the minimum quantity requirement. Discounts for mixed sizes are tied to the quantity of the largest size ordered. For example, if you order 12 pieces, including eight 11x14s and four 8x10s, your cost for the four 8x10s would be at the 8-15 rate, as would the 11x14s. If the 12 pieces includes eight 8x10s and four 11x14s, the 8x10's would be at the 8-15 rate and the four 11x14s would be priced at the 4-7 rate. Within sizes you may also mix finishes, so you could order eight 11x14s, four with polished edges and four without, and receive the eight-piece rate for both finishing options selected.

The edges of the acrylic face sheet may be ordered polished or unpolished. If ordered polished and an acrylic substrate is selected, the acrylic substrate edge will also be polished. The edges of the PVC, DiBond and Aluminum substrates are sanded. All cleat-mounting systems have predrilled holes through the provided wall fixture for easy mounting with the included screws. The optional D-Ring Kit for use with the wooden cleat includes two D-Rings, two screws, a hanging wire and picture hanger.  Holes for standoffs are usually 3/8 inch.

From the time your order is accepted for production until the time it ships from our Bronx, NY shop is usually six to eight working days.

You may order proofs unmounted or face mounted with no backing. Approximately 4x5 inch proofs of your images, ganged on 8.5x11 inch sheets, can be purchased unmounted on the media used to make your prints for $9.50/sheet, plus $9.50 USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling for each order. The proof sheets can be face mounted to 1/8 or ¼ inch acrylic for $40/sheet, plus $12.50 USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling. Proofs extend the normal turnaround time to include the time to make, deliver and sign off on the proofs.

Charges for packaging, handling and shipping your finished mounted prints are in addition to the per piece charges shown on the price list. Packaging and handling charges are fixed, but actual shipping charges vary according to the weight of the shipment. The listed packaging and handling charges cover individual shipments, not individual pieces. The approximate shipping weight is included to help you estimate your final costs. We usually ship UPS ground insured, but will also ship via insured USPS Priority Mail upon request. At the time of order the actual shipping charges will be calculated and included in the total price.

We accept checks, money orders and Visa, MasterCard and Discovery credit cards or debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Orders paid for via check or money order will be delayed until payment clears our bank. We currently do not support on-line ordering but will accept your credit card number verbally over the phone at the time of your order. For security reasons please do NOT send us your credit or debit card information in written form via email or regular mail. Upon completing the credit card transaction, we will send you a receipt and order confirmation via email.

We can accept and print digital files in TIF, PSD, PDF or JPEG format, 8-bit per color channel, RGB format. Attach a "Color Profile" such as sRGB or Adobe RGB 98 to each file to be printed. Size and crop your images to 8x10, 11x14 or 13x19 inches, depending upon the size mount you are ordering for a specific image. Images smaller than the standard size selected for the image will be centered on a white background to create a full bleed image at the selected size. Images larger than the selected standard size will be cropped and/or reduced to fit. Therefore, if you do not want us to manipulate your images, please take care to send us properly sized and cropped images. For best results please provide your digital files in their native TIF or PSD format at a resolution of 360 ppi (300 ppi if providing JPEGs), at the final output size. Do not convert JPEGs to the TIF or PSD format as there is no improvement in quality. At the time of order we will provide a log-on to our server so you can securely upload your digital image files via Files Transfer Protocol, FTP. If you do not have "FTP Client Software," we will provide a link to free versions of this software. You may also use commercial FTP services such as UsendIt to send digital files to us. We DO NOT ACCEPT image files sent via email.

You can also send prints for mounting. They must be glossy prints (luster, pearl and matte finishes are not acceptable for face mounting) and include an additional ¼ inch of picture on the horizontal and vertical axis (ie: for an 8x10 inch mount, you must provide a print that is 8.25 x 10.25 inches in dimension). We cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your prints and, if a print is damaged during production of your mount, you will need to send a replacement print. There is no discount for providing your own prints.

Delivered goods are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from date of delivery. Should a mount fail within that time period it will be replaced free of charge upon the return of the failed item and the determination the item failed because of defects in workmanship or materials.

To Order
+1 (718) 401-9200