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Customers wishing to provide SMDI with their work in a digital format have the option of putting the data on a CD or DVD for manual delivery to our office or they may transmit the data over the internet electronically to our system.

Transmitting the data via electronic means requires the use of File Transfer Protocol, FTP, a well established method used to move digital files from point to point over the internet. A program resident on your computer and called a "FTP Client" manages the connection and flow of data between your computer and the SMDI system through a user interface that resembles the file manager in the Windows OS.

For those customers who do not currently have an FTP Client, we suggest the free FTP Client program offered by FileZilla. It works with PCs, MACs and Linux. Please visit http://filezilla-project.org/ for details and download instructions. for PC users only there is Core FTP. Please visit
www.coreftp.com for details and downloading instructions. For MAC users without a FTP client, we suggest the client offered by ever popular Fetch. While not free, it is an excellent, low cost solution with a free trial period. For details and downloading instructions, please visit http://fetchsoftworks.com. Need it free? Try the new but highly rated Cyberduck for MAC OSX at http://cyberduck.ch/.

These programs are suggestions. Customers may use just about any commercially available FTP client or the FTP built into may browsers.

Please email or call SMDI to establish your free FTP account and receive your user logon name and password. SMDI does not offer anonymous access to the site.

A Technical Note:
SMDI is a PC shop. Certain characters, when used in a file name, are not recognized by the Windows Operating System and will make it impossible for us to open your files. Therefore, when sending us files via FTP, or on Flash Drives, CD or DVD for that matter, please use only the 26 alphabet characters or numbers for your file names and save TIF files in "PC Format."
 Thank you.